Facebook introduced Facebook Live in 2016. Its 2019 and many companies, brands & Individuals are yet to explore the tremendous benefits of Facebook Live.

Videos are the best way to interact, engage with your audience. Videos get more traffic to your brand than other posts. Live Videos are a major attraction when it comes to videos. Live videos are shown on top of facebook. And if your fans have subscribed to Facebook Live they are intimated whenever there’s a live video by a brand or page that they are interested in.

Points to note when you are doing Facebook Live.

There are various articles, posts and information on how to go about Facebook Live in 2019. We will keep it short and to the point. So that you can focus on the prominent ones and not specific to the technical ones only.

How to use Facebook Live

  • Click the camera-icon to the left of your search bar.
  • Facebook will ask for access. Confirm
  • By default its not on Live Mode, so switch to “Live” on the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose the Privacy settings, you can set to “Only Me” when you are testing or Public when you are ready.
  • Write a description that is attractive
  • Hit the start button when you are ready
  • Click on Finish to end the broadcast.
  • Once you are done, it would ask for Post, Click on Edit, Do the changes, Tag Friends and Location, Choose the right Thumbnail
  • AND Post. You can also Save / Download video to keep a copy.
    There its done.

Things to note before you are going for Facebook Live

  • Logon to Two Computers / Mobile Simultaneously (If possible), so that you can go live with one, and the other (someone with good knowledge of your products / Band / Topic that you are going live about) to reply and comments to the Facebook live comments
  • You can also have Facebook Live from Desktop / Laptop, if you are planning a static video
  • Facebook camera defaults to non-live photo shooting, So Select Live.
  • Jot Down a Good Description of both the videos, So that its catchy. (Comes above the video as status on facebook)
  • Strong and dependable internet connection, You don’t want to go Disconnected in a live video
  • Check the light, view, keep it landscape position to be better, check the sound around the place you will be shooting.
  • Before shooting see things around, so that you don’t tumble around wires / people, phone drop, wouldn’t look good for you or your brand
  • Clear your throat, have decent amount of water etc (silly but these things matter, when you are broadcasting live)
  • If you have any doubts you can do a try Facebook live video, with settings privacy as “Only Me”
  • Interact with viewers and commenters., answer the questions in real time wherever possible.
  • Greet the Viewers and commenters with their name. Like Hey Rajesh thanks for joining in. Hey John yes I agree.
  • Add the location from where you’re shooting
  • The longer the video, more subscribers can join in
  • Initially 5-15 seconds you may have no viewers, so be patience, As you see more and more viewers, please be ecstatic as if they are face to face and joining you. Keep saying their names.
  • Keep introduce yourself (the brand, the topic of the day) and what it’s all about, time and again for the new people who have joined in.
  • Always say : Thumbs up if you like us – This helps make your viewers actionable
  • Give Brief about the Brand, the topic, What all you have at the location if its about covering a live event or exhibition, just as you would to the visitors at the live event. Show around products & the place (minimum shaky please). Show working of the Products if its a Product Exhibit.
  • If you stutter or get lost during the description, own it, and make fun about it, and continue. Don’t be too formal or corporate. Be humane and real.
  • Keep minimum 5-10 minutes for a good Facebook Live Video
  • You can also block viewers, if you find rude or unwanted comments.
  • Important to keep asking or in the end to subscribe to Facebook live, and your fan page for future live videos and updates.
  • Show more interactivity around, or hand actions if its only a speaker thing, to keep users interested.
  • Don’t make it boring and too corporate, sense of excitement in the voice. but not too over the top.
  • Thank viewers for tuning in, and encourage them to check out your Brand Web Page or Fan Page, by providing your website name (Spell it if required)
  • Once Done. i.e. Once your video appears on your page after recording, click “edit video,” and you’ll see an icon), which will allow you to upload a custom thumbnail image. Choose the best one from the video. FINISH & POST