In this testing times it is more important that you focus on your business more than ever before. Being digital is and will be the most priority and essential in this pandemic Covid 2019 virus time. Its time to enhance your website design and optimize it best for mobile visibility. If your company does not have a website developed or designed already, it should be on a priority list. If your company or brand has a website, it should be responsive. That is your website should be mobile friendly. Easy visibility in all mobile and ipads, as well as easy navigation.

Next to website design is the SEO. Now SEO as per google, is the second most important criteria in website. As more and more of your competitors are rushing to digital and enhancing their reach via website. It is important you are seen in google search, Yahoo Search and bing search, when your customers are looking for you for your products and services.

SEOSearch Engine Optimization is optimizing your website with the keywords and key phrases your customer are looking for. These are your potential customers. As times of businesses are getting hard, its important you up your game. And choose the best seo specialist in mumbai india.

Now SEO has to be focused primarily to mobile seo. Yes Mobile search engine optimization is a specialty seo, focussing on getting your website in seo results when your clients are searching via mobile. And its a well known that more than 70% of your Customers will be searching for your services and products on mobile.

Thirdly what you also need to focus other than Website designing and Search engine optimization, is Search Engine Marketing. Search engine marketing also popularly known as SEM is Paid Ads across various platforms with Google Adwords being the most popular among all. Get yourselves out there. When your clients are searching for your services or products Or even when they are not searching but have searched before or are interested in your services, your ad about your services and products will be right in front of them. You can choose Display ads or You can choose text based ads to present yourself.

You can choose to show your ads only on search engines when your customers search for keywords related to your Products and services. You can choose to display your ads via search display partners across various websites that your potential customers are surfing.

Website Designing, SEO & SEM done. What else. SMOSocial Media Optimization & SMMSocial Media Marketing. Having your own Facebook page, Twitter Profile, Youtube Channel and LinkedIn account, is basically a norm nowadays to constantly engage with your clients and customers. It gives you a platform to not only give information of whats happening around your industry, helps you to engage with your customers. But also helps in Brand Awareness, Brand Recognition & Brand Promotion.

Doing all these and ofcourse we will touch the topic of E commerce and Mobile Apps in the Next post, as how work from home  ( WFH ) and amidst this covid19 pandemic . You can earn from home and as well as boost your business in this tough times. And also be fully prepared for the days ahead. Being a step ahead of your competitors – you have to go the digital way.