The use of the Services is governed by the following policies, which form part of this Agreement. By using the Services, you are also agreeing to the terms of the following policies:

Services provided by Spider Creations are not to be used for the transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data or material that is in violation of any local laws. Failure to comply with this section will result in immediate termination and/or suspension of the Account.

Any attempt to exploit a Service in any way is grounds for immediate termination of the Account.

The Customer is wholly responsible for any action taken on their Account in any way. The Customer is monetarily responsible for any action that is taken on their Account, regardless of if the Customer or a third-party took the action.

In the case where a the Customer believes their Account was compromised by a third-party, it is the Customer’s responsibility to alert the company in writing to this fact as soon as possible. The Customer may be held liable for any service charges accumulated by any action taken by the third-party.

Spider Creations considers certain material to be unacceptable. If unacceptable material is found on a Site, or is linked to by a Site, the Account will be suspended and/or terminated as determined by the Company. Examples of unacceptable material include, but are not limited to:

Pornographic or adult material (shared hosting only)

Fraudulent activities of any kind

Copyrighted material without explicit consent to use and/or distribute

Network/computer scanning or attack software


Software licenses, license generation software, software “cracks”

Site mirroring

Using the companies shared hosting servers as a file sharing, cloud storage or as storage for private documents or files

Spiders or web scrappers of any kind

Computer viruses/malicious software of any kind

Proxy scripts or services

SMS Relay, or SMS notification scripts

Ponzi or pyramid schemes

Pharmacy or pharmacy-like services

Racist, hateful, or harassing content

Hacking related information or services

SPAM of any kind

Keep-alive tasks, or any scripts to keep the Customer’s website’s application pool alive and from going idle

Requesting a billing chargeback or filling a payment dispute

Harassing, threatening, use of vulgar or offensive language or insulting the Company, its employees or other customers

CCTV or surveillance system images, videos or any other surveillance media

Refund Policy & Disclaimer

All services and Products purchased from Spider Creations are valid for the period purchased. No Refund will be issued. The ‘no refund policy’ is applicable even when there is discontinuation before the tenure of the services or products from either of the parties involved.

Annual Maintenance charges are applicable for a period of one year. Any client wishing to discontinue services for any reason will not be issued any refund whatsoever. All payments annual, monthly, quarterly balance has to be paid as scheduled. Web hosting, Domain, SSL, Email Services are also applicable in the NO-refund policy along with the services. These are products that are issued for a period of one year or more, as purchased by the customer.

Delivery / Shipping Policy :
Once we receive your payment. Your Hosting is allocated within 4 working days and You recieve the website or Product as per the given details.

Cancellation Policy :
Orders once placed cannot be cancelled as all orders are placed mostly on immediate basis and most are allocated immediately on automated process.

Return Policy : Orders once placed cannot be cancelled/returned as all orders are placed mostly on immediate basis and most are allocated immediately on automated process. Since this are services so no there is no return policy, as well as products like webhosting which are allocated on immediate basis.

Refund Policy : We have no refund policy as all products are automatically allocated. You can however raise support ticket where services are not rendered and we shall look into the same as required. We shall ensure all services and products requested are provided to you as informed.

Termination due to non-payment  / non-renewal / Term expiry:

Any account not paid in full by the end of the Term will be terminated at the end of Term

If renewal payment is not made within the six (6) day grace period – if given, Spider Creations reserves the right to delete all data & terminate the account on immediate basis. Suspension will only be removed when all terms are met. Website / Services will remain suspended during the grace period.

Spider Creations is not responsible for any damages or losses (including of any data) as a result of suspension or termination for non-payment / non-renewal of your account. In addition, Spider Creations reserves the right to refuse to re-activate your Services until any and all outstanding invoices / renewals have been paid in full.

Spider Creations reserves the right to change update the terms of service as applicable.